#PackYourBag: The Best Days to Fundraise for Your Classroom

In the first four chapters of our #PackYourBag series, we covered the basics of how to raise money for your classroom.  Now, it’s time for you to add your own creativity to the mix. The fifth chapter of the series is like a Pinterest Board of crazy, silly ideas that could make a big impact for your students.

Maybe asking for donations doesn’t feel very natural to you. We hope our advice in this chapter will teach you that your “asks” can be totally you. Maybe you’ll even decide that promoting your classroom can be fun.

Today, we’re offering advice on the best days to ask for some extra support. 

1. Your Birthday

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People already want to celebrate you, and you probably don’t need any corny presents. Ask them to support your classroom instead!

2. #GivingTuesday (December)

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The Tuesday after Black Friday, #GivingTuesday aims to create the same kind of madness around doing good. Take advantage of this for your students!

3. Teacher Appreciation Day (May)

Admit it, you don’t need another one of these mugs. Let people know that if they want to celebrate you on this AWESOME day in May, a donation would knock your socks off.

4. The End of the Year

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All of your friends and family who don’t put all of their extra money into supplies for their jobs often make tax-deductible donations to nonprofits. They’re most likely to make these donations last minute, in the last few days of December. If your classroom is listed on AdoptAClassroom.org, a gift to you is tax-deductible. Make sure to remind everyone in December.

Want more ideas for getting creative with your fundraising? Check out our teacher fundraising guide.