Five Tips to Get Your Classroom Adopted This Holiday Season

During the holidays, people are always searching for causes. Use these five tips to make the most of this altruistic season, since we all know that you and your students deserve it.

5. Just Ask

79-percentDo your friends and family know how much you spend on your classroom? What about their friends? Their businesses? It’s important that you share your story with the people who already care about you, and ask them to share with their own networks.

Most Americans (79%) said they would rather have a donation in their honor than a gift they wouldn’t use. If you share what your students face with your networks through email, on social media, and in person—you might have multiple donations before you know it.

Need ideas for crafting your story? Check out our guide.

4. Educate your Friends and Family

stealfromhomeMaybe you already share tons of personal stories from your classroom. Or maybe many of your stories are confidential and you struggle to find compelling tidbits to share. Either way, we can help. 

Adopt some of our most compelling graphics about the struggle to supply classrooms, and the amazing lengths teachers go for their students. Share these images with a link to your donation page to encourage people to learn more about your specific classroom.


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3. Take Part in Special Events

 #givetuesdaPart of our job at is to find corporate sponsors to help us keep your classrooms stocked. This holiday season we have a few awesome opportunities up our sleeves.

win 2500#GivingTuesday:

The first 100 donors on #GivingTuesday will have their donation matched up to $50 sponsored by Lane Bryant.

New Years Eve Drawing:

Share your #IAmATeacher story, ask your friends to share, and you’ll be entered to win $2500 in our New Year’s Eve Drawing sponsored by Lane Bryant! More details here.

2. Update Your Pictures and Add a Video

Did you know now has a photo gallery AND you can add videos? Both make your classroom page more exciting for donors. Check out our video on how to add them below.

1. Create a Project for the End of the Year

If you read our Teacher Backpack, then you know that having a specific fundraising goal is important. In fact, some donors have told us they look for projects specifically. So, take a moment and think of a project you’ve been dreaming of. You might just get the funds to pull it off!

Do you have a really cool project idea? Tweet at @Adopt_classroom and let us know about it!


It’s important to show your donors that they made a difference in your classroom. You can log into to thank your donors by email. Update your classroom page with pictures and videos of your classroom to showcase donor impact. Have your class create thank you cards and mail them to us to share with your donors. Post thank you’s and updates on social media.

To mail thank you cards to your donors with AAC, send them here (make sure you mark your name so we know who to send them to!):
Donor Mail
110 North 5th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55403