AAC Teacher Tip

Teacher Tip: Update Your Photo for a Bigger Donor Impact

In our increasingly online world, photos are becoming extremely important for effective communication. This is true when it comes to your AdoptAClassroom.org page, too!

Updating your classroom page photo can make a big impact for your students. It is an easy way to quickly represent who you are as a teacher. Also, classrooms with a great photo are more likely to be adopted.

AAC Teacher Tip

Here are some quick tips for photos on your AdoptAClassroom.org classroom page:

1. Include your students.

You are raising money for the benefit of your students. For a potential donor, it is very powerful to see their smiling faces. A photo that includes your students brings your story to life. Also, a compelling photo is more likely to get a donor to act. Just be sure you have written parental permission, of course!

Image from Debi Stone’s Classroom (Oglethorpe, GA). 

2. Take an action shot.

Each classroom is different, so try to show what makes yours unique. You can accomplish this by avoiding posed photos and instead bring the focus to what you do as a teacher and class.

For example, do you teach reading? Try to take a photo during story time. Likewise, if you teach science you should consider a photo with your students working on an experiment.

Image from Magdalena Santos’ Classroom (Pensacola, FL).

3. Switch it up every once and awhile.

Donors like it when teachers check in to let them know their impact on the class. Consider updating your profile image to include your class using items purchased with your donation funds. That way, donors can see the impact their donation made for your students.

Image from Amanda Lodermeier’s Classroom (Minneapolis, MN). 

To change your image: Login to AdoptAClassroom.org and go to “Manage Account.” There you can upload a new photo to represent your classroom.

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Attention to small details like a strong photo can make a difference for donors and your classroom. It’s just another small way you can boost your AdoptAClassroom.org profile to help your students succeed.

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