6 Ways To Get Your Classroom Adopted

1. Use Social Networks

Let your community groups and online social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) help you by spreading the word even further. Make sure everyone knows that 100% of their donation will go directly to your classroom.

2. Send Emails, Letters, and Flyers

Friends, family, community members, neighbors, and even the families of students you teach are all great places to start since they are all a part of your network — they all may want to contribute what they can to the cause. Share why their donations are so important to you and your classroom. There are emails, letters, flyers, and other resources available to you on our website.

3. Suggest ‘NOW’

People are busy and are more likely to take acton when they see your request is urgent. Many teachers have found hosting an online, 24-hour fundraiser or other timed event highly successful in meeting their goals, so don’t be afraid to try.

4. Talk to Your Colleagues

Start in the teachers’ lounge and work your way to the principal, or even to the superintendent’s office. Show everyone how easy it is to register a classroom and raise awareness and support.

5. Be Specific

Make a specific request such as, “Go to my donation page and help me achieve my classroom goal. There’s only $200 to go.” Clear requests make helping easier. You can also use holidays, back-to-school, or end-of-year ‘gifting times’ to suggest that a donation would be a great way to say thank you and show support for your classroom and the students.

6. Make It Easy To Donate

Links make a contribution a single click away. Include your donation page URL (instructions are on our website) wherever you can: email signatures, blogs, e-newsletters, class pages, and social media sites.