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Horace Mann Elementary
5222 Ygnacio Ave Oakland CA 94601 | (510) 879 - 1360
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Number of Registered Classrooms: 1
Students that Need Your Help: 344
Classrooms Adopted This Year: 1
Classrooms Adopted Historically: 1
Funds Donated This School Year: $200
Funds Donated All Time: $2,575
*A large percentage of students in this school come from low-income households.
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  • Classroom: 8
  • No. Students: 320
  • Grade(s): All elementary
  • Subject(s): All
  • Greatest funding need: Other
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I will be teaching in the computer lab and the library. We will need to keep supporting our technology base, while always looking for new software and applications to help move every student along. We will encounter costs like toner for printers and replacing parts such as mice from wear and tear with students ranging in age from 5 to 12. Additionally, I will once again be supervising the PE program, so we will also need all manner of balls, jump ropes and assorted equipment to keep our kids active and healthy.
Adoption History:
  • Adopted in 2014 by Hogwarts Muggle-Education Initiative
  • Adopted in 2013 by Hogwarts Muggle-Education Initiative, X. George
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